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Club Culture  

Mission Statement  

We aim to support all children and adults -regardless of their social status, skin color, religion, or ethnic origin. At GFU Club we create a safe environment that is inclusive and friendly, where they can enjoy the Beautiful Game. We educate parents and coaches to understand the importance of sport by service and involvement in our community. We develop players by teaching them not only soccer skills but important life values and social skills. Core values that we believe are essential to becoming a true champion and reaching their full potential. We create and maintain a pleasant workplace for all our employees and give them opportunities to develop themselves as well as contribute to GFU’s development.

Coaching Philosophy  

We believe that a child must have fun and genuinely enjoy what he or she is doing to learn effectively and successfully. We focus on their potential - by cultivating their strengths to help them develop their resolve and resilience to deal with the negatives and setbacks that happen in sport.

Our coaches have an obligation to:

1. Understand the meaning of child-coach relationship
• A Coach is present and available for the children first and foremost. The safety; physically and emotionally, of the child is of utmost importance.

2. Understand the main reasons why children play sport.
• Children play sport for enjoyment and to have fun. Children play for other reasons as well such as making friends, improving their skills and do something they are good at.

3. Understand that sport can and must teach more than technical skills.
• Sport teaches life values, social skills and development into a well-rounded empathetic human being.

4. Use a positive approach to coach.
• A coach never raises his or her voice for scolding and reprimanding. The level of a voice, demeanor of a coach and body language should always make children feel safe, encouraged and supported.

5. Make the training enjoyable.
• Coaches adjust the drills to make it more fun, challenging and age appropriate. A good coach understands adaptability and flexibility as part of their job.

6. Act as role model.
• Coaches must set good examples on and off the field in regards to language, behavior and accountability.

Genuine humility - Respectful manner - Open and creative mind - Absolute integrity - Passionate soul

True champions are not determined by their titles but by their actions.
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